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Big Data is the buzzword in the IT industry these days. While traditional data warehousing involves terabytes of human-generated transactional data to record facts, big data involves petabytes of human and machine-generated data to harvest facts. Big data becomes supremely valuable when it is captured, stored, searched, shared, transferred, deeply analyzed and visualized.



Big Data Video Series

In the first two videos of this series, Chris Stevens, Director of Business Development, explains what big data is, why it is important and provides frameworks for big data implementations.  In the third video, Brian Bulkowski, Founder and CTO, Aerospike will discuss NoSQL for Big Data. 


Video 1: Big Data Basics

Watch this video to learn:

  • What is meant by the term 'big data'?
  • Why is big data important?
  • Common use cases for big data.


Video 2: Big Data Implementations

Watch this video to learn:

  • The basic frameworks for big data implementations.


Video 3: Big Data Use Case

Watch this video to learn:

  • How the various data management and processing tools are used in a NoSQL big data deployment.


Big Data and Bare-Metal Cloud

Bare-metal cloud runs without the overhead of a hypervisor and eliminates resource contention inherent to multi-tenant environments.  


In this video, Raj Dutt, Senior Vice President of Technology, discusses bare-metal cloud and how it can provide the extra processing power and highly-consistent disk and network I/O while running your big data applications.


Webinar: Breaking Down Big Data

In this webinar, guest speaker Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. presents his latest research at helping you get past the nonsense, understand what big data is all about and leverage the concepts to lower cost, increase agility and deliver more data and analytics to your business.

Click here to watch the webinar.