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Learn why more than 200 financial firms rely on Internap for their IT infrastructure services.

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How We Serve Financial Firms


Bango case study
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Payment Processing

Internap delivers fast and secure connectivity, as well as high availability data center and hosting architectures for banks, card associations, payment gateways and processing vendors.

Market Data

By leveraging Internap’s route-optimized IP, content delivery services and TCP acceleration technologies, financial services firms can achieve up to a 40% reduction in TCP/IP and application layer latency, significantly improving market data delivery performance.

Online Trading

An array of retail brokerages rely on Internap’s data centers and IP optimization services to help ensure the consistently fast execution of online trades for their customers.

Secure Custom Environments

In addition to deploying dedicated switches, SANs and other customized configurations for applications that require high levels of security, we hybridize these environments with automated, pay-per-use bare-metal or virtual public cloud. This operational flexibility allows financial services firms to fully protect their data while also permitting them to grow or contract computing and storage capacity on demand.

Our Solutions


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In addition to providing multiple options for cabinets, private cages and suites and 24/7 onsite coverage for any remote hands needs, we take visibility and control to another level through our colocation management console. Through an easily accessible online portal, customers can manage and monitor their device inventory, bandwidth usage and environmental status, as well as perform remote server reboots without ever visiting our data centers.

Custom Hosting and Private Cloud

Deployed in locked-down, single-tenant environments, our custom hosting and private cloud services allow enterprises to enjoy the management, flexibility and capital efficiency advantages of managed hosting without having to share any element within the infrastructure environment. We configure dedicated private clouds for maximum performance and efficiency based on your needs, giving our customers the utmost control over their infrastructure. Our custom hosting and private cloud environments are also audited by a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) annually to ensure that we are meeting PCI Data Security Standards (DSS). Partnering with Internap to achieve PCI-DSS compliance can reduce compliance costs, increase security and decrease the time it takes our customers to obtain their own Reports on Compliance (ROC ).

Dedicated and Public Cloud

Financial services firms often have applications where provisioning speed and billing flexibility is paramount. In these cases, we can enable seamless and secure networking to standardized dedicated servers or our multi-tenant public cloud - quickly hybridizing environments for maximum agility and cost effectiveness.

Managed Security Services

We provide a range of security services and technologies that enable financial firms to protect customers’ sensitive data and proprietary company information. These services include vulnerability scanning, network and web application firewalls, log management and threat detection, anti-virus, and anti-DDoS services among others.